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Being Naturally Grateful!

from the publisher

Being Naturally Grateful!

Pam Gallina | Publisher

Almost one American in three has pre-diabetes and one in ten has the disease itself, but the good news is that researchers are increasingly identifying lifestyle strategies that lower the risk and harm of the disease. In this month’s article “Natural Lifestyle Choices to Curb the Disease,” by Marlaina Donato, she identifies key strategies like avoiding toxins, eating organics and whole foods, bypassing antibiotics and statins, passing up sugars, getting enough sleep, and using insulin-supporting medicinal herbs.

Our skin deserves the kindest care possible using natural chemical-free ingredients –and the best way to ensure that we’re sidestepping the all-too-common toxins in commercial products is by turning to our kitchen cabinets. In the article, “Homemade Solutions for Glowing Skin,” April Thompson shows us how using ingredients like oats, coconut oil, turmeric, pepper and honey, we can easily whip up masks, scrubs, toners and balms. Recipes for green tea, turmeric and black pepper facial masks are included.

Each morning I reflect on all that I am grateful for and it always seems like I am given exactly what I need in return. One group that looms large for me right now are the people involved in animal rescue. I find these folks especially remarkable because their work is so time consuming and selfless. Franny and Zooey’s (my new kittens) mom—was killed by a car—the rescue folks jumped in and took over the entire litter. The volunteer that raised my kittens also has 5 dogs, a horse, goats, chickens, and numerous cats. On top of all she already does for animals, the amount of work associated with raising a new litter of kittens is huge—something their mother would have done naturally. So, this seems like a good time to reflect on and be grateful for the remarkable people around us who dedicate their lives to selfless acts of kindness without any expectation of notoriety or reward other than the obvious karma that doing so attracts to their lives! Today I am grateful for my two new family members and the wonderful people who came to their rescue making their existence possible!

To conscious living,

Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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