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Alternative Care Solution Wellness Center

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Alternative Care Solution Wellness Center

Raymond Wan, LMT, Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist, Holistic Health Counselor and owner of Alternative Care Solution Wellness Center in Grandville has recently added author to his resume with the release of two new books. How to Live a Pill Free Life: 5 Step System to Discover Meaning Through Alternative Health and Qi Gong Self Discovery & Healing Techniques: Unlocking the Mysteries of Qi are available through Amazon as paperback or Kindle versions.

Wan is well-known for Acudetox, NADA Five Needles Ears Acupunture, which helps to detoxify the body. Benefits of this method include help quitting addictions such as drugs, alcohol and smoking; behavioral health issues such as ADHD, stress, anxiety and depression; and weight loss.

Massage for all issues and every body is also offered at the wellness center. Massage is known to benefit the entire body including to reduce muscle stiffness, eliminate pain, and improve circulation and range of motion. Sports massage can improve joint flexibility, help with rehabilitation after injury or surgery, improve movement of lymph fluids and enhance overall performance. Prenatal massage is another of Wan’s specialties and is known to reduce swelling in feet and ankles, reduce lower back or sciatic pain, increase oxygen levels and relieve stress.

Alternative Care Solution is located at 3790 28th St. SW Ste. B, Grandville. Information at AltCareSolution.com, Email at AltCareSolution@gmail.com or by calling 616-419-6924.

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