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Advanced Thermal Imaging of West Michigan

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Advanced Thermal Imaging of West Michigan

Advanced Thermal Imaging

Clinical thermography is infrared imaging that evaluates skin temperature patterns, which can show whether functions of the body are normal or abnormal. Thermography is completely safe and painless, requiring no radiation and no contact with any body tissues. It has proved helpful in the adjunctive assessment of breast cancer, diabetes, headaches, neck and back problems, arthritis, soft tissue injury and other physical problems.

Advanced Thermal Imaging is the only thermal imaging office in Western Michigan offering a full spectrum of body thermal assessments including, breast, breast and thyroid, full body, partial body, thyroid and maxillofacial.
Breast thermography is a potentially life-saving assessment because it detects thermal vascular changes (formation of new blood vessels is necessary to sustain the growth of a tumor), which can be the best early indicator of breast cancer. Breast thermography may also detect thermal markers that suggest hormonal disruption–especially during peri-menopausal and post-menopausal years. Hormonal disruption not only affects physical and emotional comfort; it may also lead to cancer.

Medical infrared imaging may offer early warning for serious health conditions or incidents, such as stroke, thyroid disorders and diabetes.

Infrared imaging is unique and useful in addition to other tests. While thermal imaging cannot see the cavities in the body, it is highly useful in detecting infrared (heat) markers that reflect the body’s subtle underlying chemical and nervous system signals. It does this by providing a physiological thermal heat map of the body (in distinction from tests such as MRI’s, ultra-sound, or mammography, which provide pictures of structural elements).

Advanced Thermal Imaging of West Michigan can be reached by calling Julie Bennett at 616-724-6368, online at AdvancedThermalImagingllc.com or email Info@AdvancedThermalImagingllc.com.

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