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November 2019 | Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude!

from the publisher

November 2019 | Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude!

Pam Gallina | Publisher

There’s a lot to be thankful for in November POP. Foodie April Thompson brings joy to the season’s table with her take on Zenful Eating: Mindful Meals in Quiet Gratitude.” Three of the nation’s top Zen chefs share their wisdom about being grateful, present and peaceful at mealtime—just in time for Thanksgiving!

It’s a great time of year to celebrate or to create gratitude rituals with friends and family. After all, we have much to be thankful for. If you haven’t started any of these rituals with your kids yet, perhaps you can get some ideas from Ronica O’Hara who offers parental tips for instilling thankfulness—one of the most teachable, grow-able strengths—in our children. “Kids With Gratitude: Making Thankfulness Second Nature” is based on emerging research that shows gratitude to be one of the easiest, most effective ways to kick-start happiness and well-being—at any age. Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast, a leading figure in a worldwide gratitude movement, puts it all in perspective in this month’s Inspiration piece: “Gratitude: A Path to a Better World.”

One thing most of us are usually grateful for is a great night’s sleep. When spritzing your pillow with lavender and curling up with your teddy bear just isn’t enough to get you to nod off into blissful slumber, you will want to read this month’s feature, “Chasing ZZZZZs: How to Put Insomnia to Rest.” This article examines the many contributors and adverse health effects of compromised sleep, along with natural pathways to a good night’s rest. One of those considerations—optimizing thyroid function—is covered in-depth in our Healing Ways article, “The Happy Thyroid: Seven Ways to Keep It Humming.”

We’re also very excited to share with you some new twists to old traditions. In “Antiques Rising: Discovering the Green in ‘Brown’ Furniture,” Green Living writer Yvette Hammett explains how Millennials (aka The Ikea Generation) are beginning to discover that Grandma’s old China cabinet might be pretty cool after all—and sturdy, well-made, eco-friendly and oh-so-upcyclable. Whether these old pieces hold family memories for you or not, they just don’t make furniture the way they used to.

Julie Peterson explores the new world of fitness in “Click and Sweat: Virtual Workouts Change the Game.” Training via an app or online is all the rage now for seasoned gym rats and newbie exercisers that value the convenience and privacy of this growing phenomenon.

And last, but not least, hens with benefits take center stage in “Urban Chickens: Coming Home to Roost.” Locavores with a hankering for fresh, organic eggs produced close to home have sparked a resurgence in backyard chicken keeping; even people that don’t like omelets are getting in on the trend. These chic chicks make great pets for vegans, too.

To conscious living!

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