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20th National Meniere’s Disease Symposium

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20th National Meniere’s Disease Symposium

According to the Merck Manual, Michael T. Burcon, B.Ph., D.C., is the world’s leading expert on Meniere’s disease. Burcon, owner of Burcon Chiropractic Research Institute in Grand Rapids will be the featured speaker at the 20th National Meniere’s Disease Symposium on Saturday, September 18. He is also the only doctor that has presented at every international Meniere’s seminar over the past 12 years.
The symposium will have three sessions throughout the day.
The morning session will be held at Hilton Garden Inn Grand Rapids East and will include speakers on traditional, alternative and complimentary treatment of one-sided neurological disorders like Meniere’s disease, Trigeminal neuralgia, migraines, Bells Palsy, Parkinson’s disease and Glossopharyngeal neuralgia. It will include a round table discussion and a Q & A.

The afternoon session will take place at Burcon Chiropractic, on Lake Eastbrook, and will involve several patients getting checked by ta team of doctors from around the country.

Dinner with the Doc will take place in Comstock Park at 6:00 p.m.

Please contact Jane for reservations at 616.575.9990.

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